"The scent that's pricier than gold" BBC News

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The Most Valuable Natural Ingredient In The World

Agarwood/Oud Essential Oil Market is projected to be valued at USD 201.03 Million by 2025 and is estimated to register a CAGR of 5.92% during the forecast period.

"The combination of shrinking supply and expanding demand has pushed up the price of oud by as much as 500 per cent over the last 20 years"  New York Times

"It started recently because there's more and more rich Chinese and it's really fashionable now for them. They buy all the highest quality and so the price is rising very, very fast - every year it can rise by 20%” Scent From Heaven - Al Jazeera Documentary


Luxe Oud™ the Oud & Partners brand of pure oud oil collections from Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

Own The Rarest and Most Precious Natural Substance on Earth Today

  • All our clients are assigned a personal Oud portfolio manager, with expert knowledge of the US$8 billion dollar Agarwood and Agarwood essential oil markets


  • Invest in pure oud oil up to 40% below the retail prices


  • Entry packages start from only $3,330

  • Professional trading packages from $22,250

  • Global demand for Oud is around 80% higher than supply levels

"Natural beauty products and cosmetics that use natural ingredients are trending particularly well. Take agarwood or oud oil as an example. This oil alone represents $87.8 million dollars just in the beauty sector" Forbes

Choose Your Package

12ml Tola Set

Choose how many Luxe Oud tolas you will add to your private collection. Choose from Cambodian, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese and Burmese AAA grade agarwood oils.

120ml 10 Tola Set

Our 10 Tola Limited Edition Collector Sets are each one of only twenty-five produced. Every edition is a completely unique distillation and fragrance. The Luxe Oud collector set is perfect for the serious collector or first-time investor.

A Tangible Asset With An Exit Strategy

Think about it, investing in Oud Oil is not like investing in the stock market – Oud Oil is a tangible asset that will always hold its value because it can be seen, it can be analysed, it can be tested, and it can be consumed. Automatically, an investment in Oud Oil sets you up for success.

Through our unique opportunity, you gain instant access to a robust alternative asset with a clear exit strategy. Pure oud oil naturally increases in quality with age, much like a fine wine or whiskey, the well-aged editions of oud oil are highly collectable, developing a richer and more complex scent profile over time. The value of oud oil is directly linked to its age, the older the oil the more valuable and sought after it becomes.


We recommend ageing your oil for between 24 months and up to 10+ years.

  • To sell your oil you can appoint Luxe Oud as the broker and receive a fixed 35.4% NET return per tola sold from month 24 to 36.

  • Should you wish to sell your oil after month 36 we offer to auction your oil for a 10% sales fee.

Luxe Oud™ - trademarked luxury Oud brand available worldwide. Our brokerage service can potentially increase your return and securely provide you with the profits that you’ve always been looking for. Due to demand outweighing supply levels by 80% in 2020, the value of agarwood and agarwood oil continues to increase year after year, marking a forty-year upward price trend.

And don’t forget, we include GCMS analysis test certificate, CITES export license, study reports, and samples with every order so that you can be sure your Oud Oil is sustainably certified and 100% pure.

A tangible asset gives increased financial security — products cannot go bust in the way a company can. Would you like to speak to an online Oud expert? Yes, then feel free to get in touch, we're here to help!