Agarwood Oud Oil - Liquid Gold

Oud oil, or the essential oil derived from the agar tree, is often called liquid gold by those who have experienced its incredible ability to heal many physical and psychological ailments. In many parts of the world, Oud oil actually costs more than gold, making it befitting of its nickname. In fact, Oud oil is the only essential oil in the world to cost as much as it does and the high price tag is due mainly to the rarity of the diseased agarwood and the complexity of the process used to extract the Oud oil from the agarwood itself.

While many people throughout the Middle East call it Oud, it is also called Agarwood oud oil in many other parts of the world. But just what is agarwood and why is Oud oil so expensive?

History Of Agarwood Oud Oil

Native to southeast Asia and formed from infected trees of the evergreen Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees, agarwood is a resinous heartwood that has become very rare over time. It is said that ancient kings and queens, including Lord Krishna, God of Protection, have relied on agarwood Oud oil and have kept this precious wood a closely guarded secret for centuries. It is mentioned, however, in some of history’s oldest spiritual texts including the Sahih Muslim, the Torah, the Charaka Samhita, Islamic scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who Used Agarwood?

Throughout history, we have seen agarwood used by kings, queens, emperors and rulers. According to the Buddha, to attain the state of Divinity, one must burn agarwood and ancient Samurai warriors would use agarwood smoke to give their armour a lucky fragrance before battle. Even King Louis XIV of France would have his clothing and bed linens washed in a blend of water, agarwood and rose.

How Agarwood Is Formed

The agar tree itself has no medicinal or healing properties. It isn’t until the fungal infection sets into the heartwood that the tree begins to create its magical resin. This resin, also known as ‘liquid gold’, builds up in the tree until the wood which once floated on top of water, begins to sink. Because of the rarity of agarwood, it can take more than 70kg of heartwood to produce just 20 ml of the essential Oud oil. We can easily see why Oud Oil is often called liquid gold.

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