Beware Of Synthetic Oud Perfume Oil

There is a lot of talk in the fragrance industry about an essential oil that offers a unique aromatic experience that can only be described as luxurious, distinct and unequaled. While Oud oil is luxurious and there is nothing else like it in the world, it is hardly new. In fact, Oud oil has been used for centuries by kings, queens, sultans and nobility from around the globe. Oud oil is also very rare which makes it one of the most exclusive, and expensive oils in the world. It also makes it one of the most copied.

Purchase 100%, All Natural Grade AAA Oud Oil

Authentic Oud oil is expensive and well worth every cent. If you are going to truly experience the power of this rare essential oil, you need to purchase 100%, all natural Grade AAA oud oil from a trusted supplier. Unfortunately, the industry is being flooded with synthetic Out Oils.

While not a fake in the truest sense, as many manufacturers who sell synthetic Oud perfume oil will tell you outright what you are buying, it is still not authentic Oud oil. Agarwood, the wood from which Oud oil is extracted and distilled, cannot be synthesized, synthetic Oud perfume oils are nothing more than a combination of chemicals blended together to produce cheap fragrance lines.

Balsamic And Woody Fragrance

Synthetic Oud oil is easy to identify by its smell. It will often smell more leathery and it will lack the distinct balsamic aura of authentic Oud oil. True Oud oil smells woody and balsamic. Synthetic Oud oil doesn’t even come close in copying the all-natural authentic oil. This is because authentic Oud oil contains a specific chemical component known as sesquiterpenes, which gives it its characteristic scent.

True Oud Oil Is Difficult To Replicate

It is the sesquiterpenes that make true Oud oil so difficult to replicate, and the lack of it is why so many synthetic Oud perfume oils smell so bad. This naturally occurring chemical is also the reason that Oud oil is so beneficial for our physical and psychological health. Without it, you have a cheap imitation that you could be paying too much for.

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